Logistics Reporting Tools

Route Optimiser Management Reports will provide you with comprehensive KPI reporting capabilities that provide detailed information and high level summaries for transport and operations teams.

With the pressure to reduce expenses and drive business growth, maintaining the bottom line while managing all the daily challenges that arise can be difficult. Whether the Route Optimiser software is used for calculating the most efficient routes and delivery schedules or for managing resources, our reporting tools allow you to create different types of customisable report at the touch of a button, giving greater visibility to your organisation.

Business critical intelligence can provide all the information you need to make profitable business decisions. It gives you a visual representation of key performance indicators affecting service levels, productivity and costs.

Route Optimiser software stores a wealth of information about planned schedules, customers, orders, fleet resources, service requirements and KPIs.  All this information can be reported on at a high level of detail, by exception or overall summaries, using tables and charts that are provided as standard or configured by the user.

The reporting can give you greater ability to monitor ongoing transport and service performance, allowing you to identify transport inefficiencies for rectification and prepare realistic proposals to help win business.

The software has a wide reporting capability from trip reports, mileage reports, working hours reports and more, and you can generate them whenever you need them. The reporting can provide you with:

  • Customer service KPIs
  • Cost performance
  • Depot summaries
  • Cost & utilisation summaries
  • Distance totals
  • Transport KPIs

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