Vehicle scheduling, route optimisation, and fleet management solutions

Route Optimiser is not a full Fleet Management product in its own right, but is an essential "optimising engine" integrated into more comprehensive Transport management Solutions (often referred to as TMS)

On the same basis it is important that a Tracking system "knows where the vehicle should be" so that it can compare with the actual positioning. Again Route Optimiser can provide to a Tracking product, whether via our Cloud solution or our WEB-API, the calculation of the planned position of the vehicle so that the Tracking solution can then compare it to the actual position, and provide PLAN V ACTUAL reporting post completion of the route.

The same is true of Electronic Proof of Delivery solutions; while they have their own merit and financial pay-back, their value is enhanced by the addition of an "optimising engine" to predict arrival times and provide management information on time spent at customers.

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