Client: Savona

Supplier of High Quality Wholesale Products

The Project:

In these challenging times of economic downturn everyone involved in distribution needs to look at the delivery of both products and services at a cost effective price. Savona needed to ensure that they were delivering the best value to their customers and by using the delivery fleet the most efficient way possible.

To do this the management team at Savona engaged DPS International and the Route Optimiser Suite.


Savona Provisions are a supplier of high quality wholesale food and non-food products based in Kidlington. Born and bred in Oxford more than 50 years ago, they have grown alongside a broad and expanding customer base which now covers most of Southern England and into the Midlands.

What makes them proud?

Happy customers: They offer that extra special local service that really sets them apart from their National competitors. You, their customer, and your requirements drive their innovative approach to business.

Great products: An extensive, and constantly evolving, range of high quality tried and tested products. Not only do they offer all the usual suspects, they are also busy searching and researching exciting new products to ensure you have access to the very best that's available. Savona stocks over 5000 product lines ranging from leading brand names to their own quality alternative, the Country Range Brand.

Value for money: As part of the Country Range Group, they are able to negotiate the best prices nationally and pass those prices on to you, their customers.

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What Our Customers Say


During our recent peak season we didn't have to hire any additional vehicles to cope with the increased loads, an indication of proper route engineering. Our return on investment has been an overwhelming 700% over a very short period. Most other software packages would only provide us with scheduling functionality whereas the solution provided by Route Optimiser addressed our particular needs.
(National Sales Productivity Manager)


To ensure that we continued to improve our service offering in line with our product quality,we needed to get smarter with our transport. We decided that the Route Optimiser product was the best system for us, delivering ease of use, speed of operation, operational efficiencies and overall visibility. Looking to the medium term we are investing further in the TomTom Work system for vehicle tracking, navigation and gaining the ability to pass the jobs directly from the LogiX Suite to the operatives in their vehicles.
(Simon Wray, MD Essex Insulation)

Essex Insulationquote

When we first started we were able to use manual route and work scheduling, but now we are fitting 200 sites per week and it is simply not feasible to produce efficient plans manually. One of the big challenges is that the addresses are new each time-it is not like a logistics business where deliveries are to the same addresses every day or week” With RO we can now produce robust schedules and manage customers expectations regarding time and service. We simply could not do this job without Route Optimiser.
(Rhys Wynne, Director and Co Founder)


Route Optimiser is a fully versatile and effective transport planning tool that has assisted us in supporting our clients in many varied and complex scenarios.
(Brian Templar, Chairman)

Davies & Robsonquote

To us, it was very important that the system was able to describe different types of goods flow from various types of terminals in an easy way. With the Plan LogiX tramping algorithm, the flow of goods was described very exactly. It also felt secure to be able to buy a standard system that would fulfil the planning needs we have.
(P-O Larsson, KF Distribution & Logistics)