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South East's Leading Independent Insulation DistributorBackground:

For over 40 years Essex Insulation has been the South East's leading Independent Insulation Distributor & Contractor to the Construction Industry

The Company, with its head office in Basildon Essex, was amongst the first of its type in the UK and started trading in 1966 at a time when conservation of natural resources and studies on our impact on the environment was still in its infancy. With a significant focus on providing solutions, customer service and technical expertise they supply a complete range of Insulation products for thermal barriers, acoustic and fire protection applications.

Insulation applications are extremely diverse, ranging from housing to offices, shops and all other classes of buildings through to power stations and Industrial. The business operates in three areas, Installation, Supply Only and Factory Shop.


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What Our Customers Say


During our recent peak season we didn't have to hire any additional vehicles to cope with the increased loads, an indication of proper route engineering. Our return on investment has been an overwhelming 700% over a very short period. Most other software packages would only provide us with scheduling functionality whereas the solution provided by Route Optimiser addressed our particular needs.
(National Sales Productivity Manager)


This innovative product and its ease of use and its ease of integration into our vehicle tracking and order monitoring system has given us a huge advantage in intelligent planning and optimisation of our fleet. We can quickly quote for a new client by adding that prospective clientís data on top of our existing clientís data to know accurately if we need to add any additional vehicles at any BDA Service Points in order to ensure our pre 08:00 service level is maintained for all clients. ( Mark Dadley - Chairman )


From the very early days of implementing Route Optimiser we achieved significant cost savings and raised our efficiency profile with our customers.
(Clare Stannard, IT Manager


To ensure that we continued to improve our service offering in line with our product quality,we needed to get smarter with our transport. We decided that the Route Optimiser product was the best system for us, delivering ease of use, speed of operation, operational efficiencies and overall visibility. Looking to the medium term we are investing further in the TomTom Work system for vehicle tracking, navigation and gaining the ability to pass the jobs directly from the LogiX Suite to the operatives in their vehicles.
(Simon Wray, MD Essex Insulation)

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We evaluated the market and Route Optimiser had everything we wanted from a Routing and Scheduling product, without the expensive up-front costs. ( Jerery Thorne - Managing Director )