Client: Clipper Logistics

One of the UK's Leading Independant Logistics Company

DPS welcome Clipper Logistics Group (DTS Logistics) who have chosen our chosen our LogiX Suite,, Vehicle Routing and Scheduling software to manage their deliveries throughout the UK.

Clipper Logistics Limited began life in 1992, with a team of three and a single driver. Today, they are one of the UK's leading independent logistics companies with a turnover of £200 million. DTS Logistics became part of the Clipper Logistics Group in 2005, where its contracts and sites formed the backbone of our Retail Logistics division.

Background & Experiance so far:

A major business issue for DTS Logistics was trying to achieve Service Level Agreements that really mean 100% on time in full service. After careful consideration DTS Logistics chose DPS and LogiX with immediate results.

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What Our Customers Say


We evaluated the market and Route Optimiser had everything we wanted from a Routing and Scheduling product, without the expensive up-front costs. ( Jerery Thorne - Managing Director )


We are delighted to have secured access to this innovative product which combines proven performance and a high level of functionality with a low entry cost per site. Since acquiring Route Optimiserwe have already secured two multi-site accounts where the ability to confidently predict our base costs and service levels were key to securing agreement with new customers.
(Managing Director, Ian Bryan)

Waste Per Sequote

When we first started we were able to use manual route and work scheduling, but now we are fitting 200 sites per week and it is simply not feasible to produce efficient plans manually. One of the big challenges is that the addresses are new each time-it is not like a logistics business where deliveries are to the same addresses every day or week” With RO we can now produce robust schedules and manage customers expectations regarding time and service. We simply could not do this job without Route Optimiser.
(Rhys Wynne, Director and Co Founder)


By concentrating on the service market, Axfood Närlivs combines local customer focus with efficient logistics. The implementation has taken some time but has still gone very well and we have managed to find routines for an operative daily route planning. The results that we've accomplished so far speak for themselves having a much better overview over the total volumes of transport. We have also had a better control of our routes and we have managed to reduce our transport costs.
(Daniel Johansson, Head of Transport)


During our recent peak season we didn't have to hire any additional vehicles to cope with the increased loads, an indication of proper route engineering. Our return on investment has been an overwhelming 700% over a very short period. Most other software packages would only provide us with scheduling functionality whereas the solution provided by Route Optimiser addressed our particular needs.
(National Sales Productivity Manager)