Client: Bisley

UK Manufacturer of Steel Storage for the Office

DPS welcome customer Bisley Office Furniture who have chosen our LogiX Suite,, Vehicle Routing and Scheduling software to manage their deliveries throughout the UK.

Bisley Office Furniture is a UK manufacturer of steel storage for the office. Operating from Bisley, Surrey and Newport, South Wales and employing nearly a thousand people, Bisley cabinets are renowned worldwide.


Bisley carried out a full audit of its delivery and service requirement to determine best practices for fulfilling customer demand and service. The processes used at the time were manual and extremely time-consuming, and ran in isolation at the two manufacturing sites. Along with this, the customer expectation was low and delivery slots were vague, unmonitored and without the use of meaningful KPIs. The key to a successful operation was to have a significant improvement in distribution planning and Bisley Office Furniture went out to tender for a route planning solution that could be integra ted into the in-house legacy systems.

Out of the significant number of companies in the vehicle routing and scheduling arena contacted by Bisley Office Furniture, a solution was contracted out to DPS International initially to run its LogiX Suite on stand alone PCs.


Since implementing the system, Bisley claims it has had a 9% improvement in distribution costs and carries out more deliveries with a reduced fleet at both sites. More importantly, the company says it has accurate data that allows it to make accurate decisions about its distribution strategy. The system was implemented during mid-2005 and Bisley says it has achieved all of its operational requirements:

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What Our Customers Say


This innovative product and its ease of use and its ease of integration into our vehicle tracking and order monitoring system has given us a huge advantage in intelligent planning and optimisation of our fleet. We can quickly quote for a new client by adding that prospective client’s data on top of our existing client’s data to know accurately if we need to add any additional vehicles at any BDA Service Points in order to ensure our pre 08:00 service level is maintained for all clients. ( Mark Dadley - Chairman )


We are delighted to have secured access to this innovative product which combines proven performance and a high level of functionality with a low entry cost per site. Since acquiring Route Optimiserwe have already secured two multi-site accounts where the ability to confidently predict our base costs and service levels were key to securing agreement with new customers.
(Managing Director, Ian Bryan)

Waste Per Sequote

We evaluated the market and Route Optimiser had everything we wanted from a Routing and Scheduling product, without the expensive up-front costs. ( Jerery Thorne - Managing Director )


To ensure that we continued to improve our service offering in line with our product quality,we needed to get smarter with our transport. We decided that the Route Optimiser product was the best system for us, delivering ease of use, speed of operation, operational efficiencies and overall visibility. Looking to the medium term we are investing further in the TomTom Work system for vehicle tracking, navigation and gaining the ability to pass the jobs directly from the LogiX Suite to the operatives in their vehicles.
(Simon Wray, MD Essex Insulation)

Essex Insulationquote

To us, it was very important that the system was able to describe different types of goods flow from various types of terminals in an easy way. With the Plan LogiX tramping algorithm, the flow of goods was described very exactly. It also felt secure to be able to buy a standard system that would fulfil the planning needs we have.
(P-O Larsson, KF Distribution & Logistics)